Nyctophobia (from Greek νυκτός (nyktos) - night and φόβος (phobos) - fear) - a severe fear of the night. It is a common phobia that often causes a sense of presence in an empty space.
It was the winter of 2022 when I first encountered the ocean.
I remember grabbing a surfboard and trying to get into water for the first time. My chest burned. I could barely catch my breath. I said at the time that the ocean had spat me out. Unconsciously, the Atlantic was conceived as a living being, that is capable of making its own decisions. It is astonishing how the ocean welcomes some of us like old acquaintances, and yet throws others ashore. It takes the unfortunate guests back to the old times when the coast was full of danger and sorrow.

Nycto is a project inspired by Portuguese mythology and the atmosphere of nocturnal seaside. It is an attempt to immerse oneself, be dazed by the unknown when the surroundings come to life, both material and moving.