It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Krasnyi Lyman without stopping. Today there are navigators that can tell you the approximate time of the journey. When I was a child, the journey seemed much longer, as if enough time had passed to get to another metropolis. Kashirskoye, Rogachevka, Panino - all these names evoke childhood memories and do not fit into today's reality. Those were the annual Easter trips to my relatives' house, to the place where grandma Anya was buried.
My mum used to say that my grandparents wanted to build a family nest, a house where children and grandchildren would come. The idea was to create a place that would be a refuge for several generations. Unfortunately, things did not work out that way. Grandma Anya died, and grandpa Vasya could no longer live there alone. The house was looted and plundered. Now it's a ruin, which is painful to look at. But year after year, my parents come to visit their relatives' graves and recall memories of a very different time. A time when the family believed in the future of this place, this village.
The project "Addressless" tries to talk about memory, about generations and their changeability; about houses and whole villages that are slowly disappearing. And the only thing that remains is to piece together their memories, scraps of their parents' words, documenting old photos and reconstructing routes.
This is the route from 42 Artamonova Street to the house with no address.
The project was created using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yandex Maps and archive photos of my family.