Elena Suvereva was born in 1996 in Voronezh, Russia. Currently based in Portugal.

She obtained a university degree in economics and management and continued her career in the IT industry. After forced emigration, she changed her professional path and started working in the field of visual arts.

Elena completed an online course at The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) and has studied under Dmitry Lookianov during his course "Light in Art-Photography". She also took part in Der Greif exhibition "Guest Room" with the following publication on the social media of the foundation.

Her main medium is digital photography. Elena often refers to symbolism in order to represent feelings and effects while perceiving reality. Her practice is based on the desire to get in touch with the imperceptible phenomena that people face during their life.
E-mail: helena.suvereva@gmail.com
Telegram: @suvereva
Instagram: elena.suvereva